Danie Lefevre
Executive Broker

As an experienced agent, I enjoy working with people and providing clients with expert local knowledge of Boulder, Longmont, Louisville, and Lafayette, plus Denver’s northern suburbs. Currently a resident of Lafayette, I love living near Waneka Lake for its great views, family-friendly feel, and convenience.

My knowledge extends beyond real estate with clients calling for advice on everything from where to dine to local events, even child care recommendations. Now, that’s full service!

With a wide network of friends in real estate, I’m able to provide clients with resources that are the best of the best. I specialize in fast response times and keen negotiation skills that ensure everyone walks away feeling like a winner. I also have a 100% success rate—every client I have worked with found what they wanted and walked away happy. My clients say I’m friendly, kind, communicative, and helpful. Most importantly, I know just about everyone in Boulder which puts my clients at ease and enables me to get the job done every time.

What I love most about real estate is helping people find exactly what they are dreaming of in a home. The smile on my client's faces at the closing table is so rewarding and makes me feel very accomplished, even if the process had some difficult decisions involved. I can always help make the situation less stressful by maintaining a positive outlook and remaining confident knowing I will make it all will work out.

I enjoy meeting new clients from other parts of the country and showing them why Colorado is the best place in the world to live. I made the move here from the Midwest and it was the best decision I ever made. 

I also love negotiating and problem-solving, I even considered becoming a lawyer at one point. As your agent, I will be patient, walk you through the process, and help you with the lending process. I will be honest and genuine, there for you like a friend any time, any day. I tend to act more like an advisor on your investments rather than just another agent opening doors.

Prior to real estate, I was an international model for 12 years. I gained the ability to work with all types of personalities and adapt to different languages and cultures. It wasn’t always glamorous, and I would sometimes work 15-hour days on set. I was known for my fun spirit and positive energy. The industry also helped me develop a tough skin and take care of myself, and today, I’m very flexible and easy-going when faced with nearly any situation. 

In my free time, I enjoy camping, snowboarding, and traveling with my son. I also enjoy party planning, dining out, hiking, and hanging by the creek with a good book. I love yoga and spa days and just being outside and enjoying all Colorado has to offer.


"I worked with Danie on my first house purchase and I'm absolutely satisfied with her service. Being a first-time buyer, we needed a ton of education along with the house hunt. Danie patiently led us through this journey, and helped us make a well-educated decisions. Danie was always very responsive, and understood our priorities. We never felt pressured to buy a house that did not meet our criteria. When it came to inspection results and other issues that surfaced in the process, she did a great job in negotiating fair solutions for both parties. Great Job Danie! Hope to be working with you again!"
First-Time Buyer

"The entire process and I honestly cannot imagine having purchased a home without her help. Literally, we would not have purchased this specific home without her, because the only reason we saw it is we were driving down the street in Danie's car when saw the for sale sign. She immediately pulled over and called the listing agency to set up a showing right then and there. That kind of quick thinking, resourcefulness, and flexibility is what makes her an outstanding agent. Not to mention the fact that she was able to recommend great people for everything we needed along the way (lender, inspection agency, roofing company, etc). She knew when to negotiate hard, when to compromise, and when to move forward. I cannot believe how smooth the homebuying process was - I thought purchasing your first home was supposed to be hard, but Danie made it CRAZY easy."
First-Time Buyer



"We are amazed at how smooth this home-buying process was. You guys made it feel relatively easy in a market that is anything but easy. I never felt like we had to worry about deadlines or potential complications because you handled it like pros. Danie did a great job finding homes we would be interested in and negotiating with the seller on getting a new roof. We feel like we got a great home for an affordable price that will be a sound investment in the coming years."


"I'm from Ohio and I was in Colorado looking for a house right before the pandemic of the COVID-19. We met Danie Lefevre showing a house and from there on we felt her honesty and integrity—to summarize she found the right house for us and we closed the deal during the worst of the virus. I was back in Ohio when we closed. If you want someone that will respond to calls, texts or emails right away she will be the perfect person. Danie will help you find the house you are looking for. In our case, we were buying but if we were to sell a house in the future we will ask her to sell it for us. Outstanding performance from her, she will not just try to convince you to buy she looks exactly at your needs and will build your confidence. I did not have to worry about many things because she took care of many that were maybe not her responsibility but knowing I was in a different state, she took care of things. She is fair to the buyer and the seller, a very honest and upfront person like not many around. Even after closing and knowing the repairs the house needed she found contractors contacted them and was able to find me the right company. if there were more than 5 stars to give I would give more. Thank you so much, Danie Lefevre"


"We recently purchased a house using Danie Lefevre as our agent. The Boulder housing market can be very competitive and daunting. Danie made the process as easy as possible. She's very approachable, straightforward, and down to earth. And we appreciated that she was willing to use her large network  of colleagues and other industry professionals to answer our questions. Thank you Danie!"