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I’m from Ohio and I was in Colorado looking for a house right before the pandemic of the COVID-19. We met Danie Lefevre showing a house and from there on we felt her honesty and integrity—to summarize she found the right house for us and we closed the deal during the worst of the virus. I was back in Ohio when we closed. If you want someone that will respond to calls, texts or emails right away she will be the perfect person. Danie will help you find the house you are looking for. In our case, we were buying but if we were to sell a house in the future we will ask her to sell it for us. Outstanding performance from her, she will not just try to convince you to buy, she looks exactly at your needs and will build your confidence. I did not have to worry about many things because she took care of many that were maybe not her responsibility but knowing I was in a different state, she took care of things. She is fair to the buyer and the seller, a very honest and upfront person like not many around. Even after closing and knowing the repairs the house needed she found contractors contacted them and was able to find me the right company. if there were more than 5 stars to give I would give more. Thank you so much, Danie Lefevre